Its the earnings season once again and many of us REIT uniholders are excited at the performance of our holdings during this challenging year of 2016. With the recent volatility in the global stock markets caused by BREXIT, REIT play has come back into focus. Several central banks around the world have declared their intent on providing stimulus to their tepid economies and the widely expected fed rate hike for December is likely to be postponed. This is good news to those that are vested in REITs (Like myself).

Perhaps now is the time to take a look at some of the best performing and highest yielding REITs listed on the SGX.

The REITs with the Highest Dividends, as of July 2016, are as follows:

REIT Period Mkt DPU cts Yield NAV Gearing
Sabana REIT Q1 – Mar16 $0.54 1.33 10.00% $0.87 39.60%
Cache Log Trust Q1 – Mar16 $0.87 2.039 9.48% $0.88 39.60%
Lippo Malls Tr Q1 – Mar16 $0.35 0.83 9.49% $0.38 35.70%
Viva Ind Tr Q1 – Mar16 $0.71 1.638 9.35% $0.81 37.60%
SoilbuildBizREIT Q1 – Mar16 $0.68 1.557 9.23% $0.79 36.00%

The best performing REITs, as of Mar 2016, (over the last 3yrs in %) are listed as follows:

Name Code Total Return YTD % Total Return 3 Yrs % Div. Yld %
Mapletree Industrial Trust ME8U 7.5 42 7
Mapletree Commercial Trust N2IU 10.2 23.7 5.7
CapitaLand Mall Trust C38U 14.6 21.6 5.4
Frasers Commercial Trust ND8U 5.3 14.6 7.6
Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust A17U 7.9 13.7 6.5
Frasers Centrepoint Trust J69U 10.6 12.9 5.9

Credit: SGX

Bear in mind that REITs are not risk-free investments and that the highest yielding REIT might not be the best or most stable (e.g Sabana REIT). I will be looking forward to updating my blog when i receive my dividend for the 35,000 shares of Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust (RW0U) - Which would likely occur in November, because their distribution scheme is on a semi-annual basis.