Graduating from a local university with an honors degree. I currently work in the finance industry (Back Office), with an average pay, comparable to the median income of the average Singaporean household. I am a simple person with simple needs, looking to fulfil my dream of retirement, a happy family and a healthy life.

This blog documents my journey to financial freedom - To chase my dreams and to fulfil my financial aspirations; Hence my blog, Dream Chaser. I will track and share my net worth, my investment portfolio, my expenses and my strategies to achieving my retirement objectives. 

The current source of my capital:

1) Salary from Full time job
2) Dividends
3) Interest Income for Savings
4) P/L from equities

To achieve my goals, barring any major events, i aim to save more than $25,000 a year.

Overview of my financial objectives:

Immediate Goal: Accumulate $300,000 (Cash, Equities, Bonds, Savings Deposits) by the age of 35 Years Old.

2nd goal: $400,000 by age 40 (2020) 

3rd goal: $600,000 by age 45 (with monthly Passive Income of > 2000$)

4th goal: $850,000 by age 55 (with monthly Passive Income of > 3000$)

Final Objective - $1.1 million by age 60 (with monthly Passive Income of >= 5000$).

Aiming to retire by the age of 60, my passive income from Interest, Equities, Deposits will need to give a return of about 5-6% annually. My goal is to have at least $1.0 Million in such yield accreting products to fund my retirement.