My Networth includes all my assets, minus my house, which, for simplicity's sake, i would not be including into my calculation. Unlike a typical property investment, i would consider my matrimonial home a sanctuary for the family and not an asset that i would likely sell for the purpose of profits.

One of my financial goals in life, is to achieve a monthly passive income which will be able to let me retire comfortably in my 50s. It would not be easy to achieve this due to the rising costs of living in Singapore but i will document my journey in this blog. 

The main source of my income comes from the salary which i get from my job. I aim to save at least 20-30% of my income each month to achieve my financial goals.

This page will show the latest updates to my networth.

Net worth: SGD364,463.06

Last Update: 01-April-2017

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