Facts About Dream Chaser.

I am an average Singaporean male, who has been taught since young to be frugal and to spend less than what i've earned. I grew up in a middle income family with great and loving parents. Did my dues and served my beloved country for 2.5 years of my life. 

I have a license but I do not own a car. Due to the prohibitive costs of owning a car in Singapore, my favourite mode of transport is the MRT. Perhaps when i do start to have kids and when prices of COEs are significantly lower, i would consider purchasing one. At the moment, it is my firm belief that a car is a liability which offers little in terms of convenience with respect to the cost of ownership. 

Graduated from a local University and started the rat race at the age of 25.

Left my first job the age of 26.

Got my first promotion at the age of 30.

Got my 2nd promotion at the age of 33.

Got married with my sweet heart at the age of 34.

Home is a 5 Room flat in Central Singapore.