2016 is a year that i am truly grateful for. My son was born, healthy and active (really cheeky) ! He has been a handful and basically the reason why this blog was neglected. However, having him in our lives is such a blessing and joy - and i could not ask for anything more !

To further elaborate on the 'special circumstances' of my employment in 2015, my company underwent a restructuring in early 2016. A huge number of employees were let go. The remaining employers were given a small retention bonus. For me, this amounted to a 4.5 month bonus for the FY 2016.

Passive Income

Continuing on from 2015, the Year 2016 has not been a good year for many companies, particularly the ones heavily linked to commodities, oil & gas and banking. This is reflected in the dividend payouts that i had received YTD (2016). In addition, you could sense a feeling of sluggishness in the retail industry. This is echoed by the noticeable drop in the tenancy of many top malls around Singapore.

I received a total of $2,398.35 in dividend for the year. A long way off the $5,000 a month dividend i hope to achieve when i retire.


Major expenses made for 2016 includes the medical expenses for the birth of my son and pretty much everything related to birthing, confinement and child expenses. 


Last year i missed my immediate financial goal (excluding CPF) to accumulate $300,000 by the age of 35. 

With the added bonus that i had mentioned in my highlights, i was able to achieve this $300,000 target at the age of 36.