I am an average Singaporean male, who has been taught since young to be frugal and to spend less than what i've earned. I grew up in a middle income family with great and loving parents who provided me with anything and everything that i needed. Because i had no lack, i also had little understanding for the value and importance of money - especially for my retirement.

Since young, throughout my teenage years, I have always been clueless with regards to financial matters, as well as investing. However, during the global financial crisis in 2008, i began to read up and started developing an interest in equities and investing. Encouraged by my father to start learning to invest, i began to read blogs and articles that were once total greek and of abosolutely no interest to me.

I came to realize that by simply following the 'traditional' way of employment, one would be able to live a modest life, but yet may still have to worry about unemployment during their mid-life and twilight years. The last thing i wanted was to be out of job, having a housing debt to repay and a family to feed.

This sobbering piece of news made me realise that having a single source of income; and saving that income in a bank will not get me anywhere near my possible retirement goal of 60 years old. Armed with some savings from my 9-5 job, i began investing and working towards this goal.

Knowing that there are many people like me, aspiring to achieve financial freedom, i decided to share my journey, my dreams and my goals. Hopefully to inspire my readers and to share  whatever limited financial knowledge that i have.

Let's chase this dream together...

SG Dream Chaser