Net Worth Update 
Savings Account 1$5,868.93
Savings Account 2$1004.60
Savings Account 3$600.00
Savings Account 4$208,003.95
Current Account 1$3,000.00
Stock Holdings$60,034.41
Physical cash$87.00
Total Assets$278,598.99 
Credit Card 1 (UOB)$0.00
Credit Card 2 (OCBC)$3,366.07
Credit Card 3 (SCB)$0.00
Supplementary Card 1$0.00
Total Liabilities$3,366.07

No dividends due for the month of July.

Increased spending for the month of July to book hotels for my holiday in September!

Credit Card2, has a cashback of CR $1.94, whilst Credit Card3, has a cashback of CR $18.88 posted for the month of July.

Total Net Worth has moved up slightly, due to an increment in my pay for the performance in FY2014. 

Dream Chaser