2015 has been a really good year, at least for the non-financial aspects of my life! I married my sweetheart, had an amazing trip to Europe and received good news that my mother is in remission.

Also, due to certain circumstances with my employer; which i am unable to disclose, i had managed to negotiate and obtain a pay rise of about 20%. Unfortunately, this pay rise is also fixed (Pay freeze) until the end 2016. All-in, it does work out to be about 8-10% increment for both 2015, 2016.

Passive Income

The Year 2015 has not been a good year for many companies, particularly the ones heavily linked to commodities, oil & gas and banking. This is reflected in the dividend payouts that i had received YTD (2015).

I received a total of $2,162.44 in dividend for the year.


Major expenses made for 2015 includes my Honeymoon and Wedding. Total Net expenses after the Red Packets was about $17,000. Perhaps if time permits, i will write a detailed blog post on the do's and dont's on spending for your wedding (based on my personal experience).


As you may know, my immediate financial goal (excluding CPF) is to accumulate $300,000 by the age of 35. Unfortunately, due to the volatility of the global financial markets, my stock portfolio received a 30% hit. My total net worth for the year ending 2015, was $213,188.29 (cash) + $52,900.23 (stocks) at $266,088.52

Unfortunately, this figure is some way off my goal and may potentially delay my other financial goals.